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Netoptics 10G Bypass Switch

10G Bypass Switch for Fail-safe Connectivity of In-line Network Security and Performance Appliances

Improve the performance of Industry standard IPS appliances and other in-line devices that rely on internal bypass mechanisms. Net Optics 10 GigaBit Fiber Bypass (iBypass) Switch with Heartbeat is the industries first high-speed device for reliable in-line or IPS appliance fail-over protection. As networks evolve, the 10 GigaBit iBypass satisfies the requirements for support of 10 Gbps network and monitoring tool connections.

Netoptics 10G Bypass Integrated iTap technology delivers SNMP reporting and management features. Available Net Optics management software, delivers a comprehensive view of all iTap-enabled devices and their operating status. IT security professionals can now remotely monitor link traffic and configuration parameters, ensuring more efficient security management. Bi-directional indicators display traffic utilization and peak traffic rates via GUI or a front panel display to help identify possible network or application anomalies before a major outage.


ANTlabs (Advanced Network Technology Laboratories Pte. Ltd.) is a proven technology solution partner for service providers’ unique Internet business needs. ANTlabs is the Asia Pacific market leader for service gateways and has won multiple awards (e.g. NIA – Most Innovative Product).

Established in Singapore and founded in Oct 1999, ANTlabs provides technology solutions with main areas of focus: Mobile Offload, Carrier WiFi, Hospitality and BYOD.

The key strength of ANTlabs is working partnership with Telcos (local and global), Enterprise and Hospitality arena. ANTlabs has provided End-to-End Solutions with key patented technologies to enable viable business models and faster ROI for the customers. ANTlabs provide Telco-grade reliability and enterprise-grade security while ensuring scalable solutions would meet current and future demands. In order to do this, ANTlabs has in-house R&D to give faster response to market demands.

ANTlabs: Leadership Through Technology Innovation

ANTlabs’ market leadership is a product of their strong R&D background which is focused on transparent networking technologies that are vendor-neutral and seamlessly integrating and reusing the customer’s existing network. This allows ANTlabs’ solutions to offer a winning combination of cost-effectiveness, scalability and ease of deployment to its broad base of customers.

ANTlabs has more than ten international patents in USA, Europe, Japan, China, Singapore, etc. Technology leadership enables ANTlabs to compete in the big league and its technologies have been proven in large-scale networks.

As a testament of the company’s technological competitive advantage, established names in the region such as SingTel, StarHub, M1, Etisalat, TMNet, TrueCorp, Indosat, Telkom and CBN have long selected ANTlabs’ solutions for its advanced technologies that enable network zero-configuration, infrastructure wholesale, location-based network access control and centralized network policy management.


Founded in 2002, Aruba Networks is the leading provider of next-generation access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions for mobile enterprise networks.

The company’s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture unifies these three core areas into one cohesive and manageable system that strengthens security and dramatically simplifies bring-your-own-device implementations.

MOVE is software-defined so it easily adapts to the dynamics of mobility. This enables IT to manage traffic flows on any wired, wireless and remote network and control how devices and work applications are used – without upgrading or reconfiguring existing networks.

Whether away or at work, MOVE gives users consistent, secure access to the appropriate corporate resources based on who they are, where they are and what device they’re using.

The result is a right sized network infrastructure that saves IT time, reduces capital and operating expenses, speeds-up service delivery, and provides every user with the highest-quality mobility experience.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Aruba has offices throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific/Japan and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions. Aruba is listed on the NASDAQ and Russell 2000® Index.

Download Aruba Networks Corporate Overview :
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ISC8 announced on September 4, 2012 that it had entered into an agreement to acquire certain cybersecurity related assets of Bivio Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and products. The acquisition provides ISC8 with advanced products and technologies for Security Intelligence, Incident Response, Content Control and mitigation of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in enterprise, service provider and government networks. ISC8 purchased the NetFalcon and Network Content Control System business units of Bivio Networks, including all related intellectual property, sales, engineering, managerial, and other operational resources.

ISC8® Cyber NetFalcon®:

The ISC8 Cyber NetFalcon system provides unmatched coverage and long-term tracking of user applications, networks and devices to strengthen cybersecurity operations for enterprises, network operators and government agencies. The system provides a highly scalable architecture that can grow to meet the long term storage needs of the largest networks. Advanced queries spanning months over terabytes of data can be displayed quickly to examine detailed forensic information once malicious activity has been detected.


Fidelis is a Gartner leader advanced persistent threat protection and exfiltration protection system used by leading companies like department of defense, FBI, Citibank among others. Fidelis Security Systems has been


Radiator is the highly flexible, configurable and extensible RADIUS server from Open System Consultants. Designed from the ground up to offer features and options not found in any other RADIUS server


Verdasys is a Gartner leader in DLP space and is used by top 100 of fortune 1000 companies, among its customers are the likes of FBI, CIA, Samsung, Ferrari, Citibank,ING, Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, Dubai Police, Dupont among others. Verdasys was founded with a singlularly important mission – to develop an operationally effective data protection platform that effectively mitigates the risk of sensitive data loss while enabling business processes to function.  To deliver on that mission we created the Enteprise information Protection (EIP) Platform Digital Guardian® as the the technology  foundation and built upon it the industries leading integrated capabilities, best practices Data Goverance Policy Packs, the world’s leading data security professional services team and, most recently, the industry’s first and only Managed Service for Information Protection (MSIP).  With a focus on protecting sensitive data and a dedication to the success of our customers, we deliver products, services and support to every continent on the globe.  Verdasys use case coverage includes:

  • Insider Threat Prevention
  • Privileged User Monitoring and Control
  • Personal Data Protection for Compliance with PCI, GLBA, HIPAA and many others
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention
  • eDiscovery & Forensics

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Tenable is rated by gartner, INC and SC magazine as one of top 5 Vulnerability assessment solution. Tenable is an enterprise solution, which detects in real times vulnerabilities and the threats associated with it and help corporates take corrective actions. Tenable offers a complete platform for vulnerability management, attack detection and mitigation, compliance monitoring, and IT risk management. Portfolio include best-of-breed active vulnerability scanning, the industry’s only passive network vulnerability scanner, and log correlation tools.

Tenable SecurityCenterâ„¢ is the trusted cybersecurity platform in use throughout the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and by many of the Fortune 500’s. These institutions trust Tenable to alert them to threats that could bring down their networks. Nessus, the heart of Tenable’s platform, has more than one million users – protecting almost every major enterprise network in the world.

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Radiator is the highly flexible, configurable and extensible RADIUS server from Open System Consultants. Designed from the ground up to offer features and options not found in any other RADIUS server, it uses the latest Object Oriented technology to achieve superior reliability and flexibility.

With more than 20 different authentication methods available, and support for most Unix and PC platforms, Radiator is the RADIUS server for serious ISPs and carriers who want power and flexibility to meet the needs of their growing user base. ITSS ME has extensive experience in providing planning, deployment, support of radius / NAT solutions

Packet Ninjas

Packet Ninja is a niche security service that has helped businesses in all verticals defend against hacking, uncover electronic attacks and fraud, and provide legally defensible evidence against attackers—all over the world.

Packet Ninja can help you with:

  • Forensic analysis and acquisition
  • Traffic analysis and sniffer deployments
  • Custom intrusion detection signatures for specific indicators of compromise
  • Memory analysis and computer forensic response
  • Malware location and analysis (dynamic and static reverse engineering)
  • Perpetrator tracking through open source intelligence gathering
  • Adversary attribution through specialized investigative methods
  • Specialized intelligence gathering and proactive monitoring

Packet Design

Packet Design technology helps hundreds of service providers, mobile operators, cable and broadband providers, enterprises and government agencies spanning five continents to optimize the performance and control of their networks. With Route-Flow Fusion the unique combination of route analytics and netflow data, network managers gain “path-aware” visibility into traffic behavior across the cloud enabling them to model the impact of changes accurately and troubleshoot problems fast. ITSC has deployed Packet Designs solution in key telecom operators in the region enabling them to plan, monitor and control their legacy networks getting transformed in to NGN networks.

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Noctio is strongly focused on delivering leading edge technologies allowing to exert the needed surveillance in order to:

  1. Ensure legality;
  2. Protect from abuses and
  3. Guaranteeing National security.

Noctio’s solutions are well accepted in Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies, Telecom Carriers and, sometime, Large Corporates, entitled to implement lawful and respectful control and surveillance in cyber contexts.

Noctio business revolves around the following four practices:

  • Big Data Filing and Analysis solutions – where our ability to integrate proprietary Big Data platforms and libraries with state-of-the-art software and hardware components from the market allows Noctio to deliver maximum value solutions specifically tailored to the application and to customer’s needs.
  • LI·te – Lawful Interception solution, compact and cost-effective solutions for network operators of any size, covering Voice, Internet and VoIP domains;
  • System Integration and Software Development – allowing Noctio to provide turn-key surveillance and security solutions tailored on specific customers’ needs encompassing a wide range of technologies, from Noctio as well as from third parties;
  • Network Security Services – aimed to verify and enhance critical networks infrastructure security and to establish operating procedures aimed to defend the level of communication data security required by our customers.


NetScout Systems, Inc. is the market leader in Unified Service Delivery Management enabling comprehensive end-to-end network and application assurance. For over 25 years, NetScout has delivered breakthrough packet-flow technology that provides trusted and comprehensive real-time network and application performance intelligence for the network, applications and users. These solutions enable IT staff to predict, preempt, and resolve network and service delivery problems while facilitating the optimization and capacity planning of the network infrastructure. NetScout nGenius® and Sniffer® solutions are deployed at more than 20,000 of the world’s largest enterprises, government agencies, and more than 148 service providers, on over one million network segments to assure the network, applications, and service delivery to their users and customers.

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Net Optics

Net Optics is the leading provider of Total Application and Network Visibility solutions that deliver real-time network intelligence for peak performance in network monitoring and security. For more than 16 years, Net Optics have developed comprehensive smart access hardware and software solutions to help customers:

Plan * Monitor * Troubleshoot * Secure * Scale * and Future-proof their networks.

As a result, businesses achieve the scalable end-to-end visibility to optimize network performance across the physical, virtual and private cloud environments, as well as remote branch offices.

Net Optics offers a full spectrum of high-performance, scalable and intelligent solutions for virtualization, 10/40/100G, and 4G/LTE. Net Optics customers trust Net Optics comprehensive plug-and-play family of application-aware NPM, Network Packet Broker, Virtual/Cloud and Visibility Management System (VMS) solutions to deliver immediate results and quick time to value through an easy-to-use interface.

Net Optics best-in-class technologies meet customer needs across virtualization, compliance, efficiency, security and availability, earning us industry acclaim and competitive advantage in the world’s most intensive markets. Major service providers, government agencies, healthcare institutions, transportation companies, financial enterprises and others trust Net Optics to keep them at the leading edge of productivity and profitability.  

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Log Rhythm

LogRhythm, the leader in log management and SIEM 2.0, rated by gartner as a leader in SIEM solution, delivers the visibility, insight and situational awareness needed for cyber threat defense, detection and response, compliance automation and assurance, and operational intelligence and optimization. LogRhythm uniquely analyzes and manages network, host, file and user activity data in a highly scalable, integrated solution. LogRhythm’s patented log management and SIEM 2.0 solution detects the previously undetectable, delivers powerful forensics and provides actionable intelligence.

LogRhythm delivers the visibility and insight needed to detect, defend against and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, efficiently meet compliance requirements and proactively respond to operational challenges. LogRhythm uniquely analyzes and manages network, host, file and user activity data in a highly scalable, integrated solution. Its innovative log management and SIEM 2.0 solution detects the previously undetectable, delivers powerful forensics and provides actionable intelligence. Additionally, LogRhythm technology is also used to ensure compliance with a myriad of mandates such as PCI DSS, NERC CIP, GLBA, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX and GPG 13.

LogRhythm is positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s 2012 SIEM Magic Quadrant report. LogRhythm also earned a perfect, 5-star rating and this year’s exclusive “BEST BUY” in the SC Magazine SIEM Group Test. Additional awards have included Computing Security’s Bench Tested Solution of the Year, SC Labs’ “Recommended” 5-star designation twice, SC Magazine’s Innovator of the Year Award, Readers Trust Award for “Best SIEM” solution and “BEST BUY” designation for Digital Forensics. LogRhythm is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with operations in Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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ISC8® provides hardware, software and service offerings for Web Filtering, Deep Packet Inspection with Big Data Analytics, and Malware Threat Detection for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Our products are installed in nation-wide deployments within the Middle East, mobile operators in Europe and select accounts in Asia Pacific. ISC8 is focused on delivering the most comprehensive security solutions, with strategic emphasis on cybersecurity, that give visibility into everything happening on mission-critical networks, and with the ability to mitigate risk to new threats as they emerge.

ISC8 Inc. (formerly Irvine Sensors Corp) was founded in 1974, and is a global corporation with facilities and resources around the world. ISC8 is currently offering the following three key commercial product offerings for network cybersecurity:

Cyber adAPT™ – A signature-less, Advanced Threat Detection platform that detects and tracks emerging cyber-attacks in the core of the network where they reside

Cyber NetFalcon ® – A Big Data cyber investigation tool focused on real time data correlation to provide instantaneous responses to queries on for large scale forensic visibility of threats from network activity for cyber security and intelligence 

Cyber NetControl™ – A Highly scalable Web-Filtering content control platform for mobile operators and service providers

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Fidelis is a Gartner leader advanced persistent threat protection and exfiltration protection system used by leading companies like department of defense, FBI, Citibank among others. Fidelis Security Systems has been providing organizations with the network visibility, analysis and control necessary to manage advanced threats and prevent data breaches. Built on a patented Deep Session Inspection®, platform, Fidelis XPSâ„¢ is the industry’s only network security solution capable of seeing, studying, and stopping advanced threats in real-time by uniquely working at the session-level where today’s threats occur.  Fidelis enables their government, military, and commercial enterprise customers around the globe to achieve proactive situational awareness, content protection, threat mitigation, and application activity control.

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We are tier one dell partners with high-level expertise’s in providing big data writing and accessing solution based on dell platform in the MENA region. We also expertise in testing custom built applications on dell Telco platforms solutions.

We also represent Dell secure works solutions in the region.


Actifio is radically simple copy data management. Our technology replaces any or all of the siloed data protection and availability storage applications you might be using today – backup, snapshot, business continuity, disaster recovery, test & dev, analytics, and anything else that creates copies of your production data – with a single, complete storage system, purpose-built to manage copy data. Doing so delivers recovery times in minutes instead of hours, even for large scale application data sets, while slashing total cost of ownership by as much as 90% versus the traditional model.

Actifio pioneered the industry’s first storage system optimized for managing copies of production data, eliminating redundant silos of IT infrastructure and data management applications.

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A10 Networks

A10 Networks is the leader in Application Networking, helping organizations of all sizes to accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. A10’s primary market for Application Delivery Networking is driven by the massive growth of global IP traffic and expected to double to $2.9 billion in four years (source: Gartner). A10 was named one of the fastest growing private companies in North America by the Deloitte Fast 500â„¢ and Inc. 500. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, A10 has offices in over 22 countries, over 500 employees and is profitable with a track record of consistent quarterly revenue growth.

A10’s flagship AX Series Application Delivery Controllers are deployed by over 2,000 customers worldwide. Powered by A10’s scalable Advanced Core OS (ACOS) architecture, the AX Series surpasses the competition with superior reliability, high-performance and an energy efficient footprint for lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The AX Series platforms offer solutions for Application Delivery/Server Load Balancing, IPv6 Migration and Cloud Computing & Virtualization. The AX Series allows customers to deliver a positive end user experience, respond to business needs quickly and ensure efficient data center operations.

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