Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

We at ITSC, aims to deliver cutting edge technologies across the MENA region that encompasses and empower our customers in our niche vertical solutions.

We offer highly customized and integrated solutions in following space.

1IP Data Retention Solution with advance level integration with Radius / Carrier grade NAT Solutions

2Law Enforcement (Passive) Solutions.

3Full Packet Capture Solutions.

4Protocols & VPN Management Solutions.

5Unified Service Delivery Management (managing Legacy Networks to LTE Solutions)

  • Service Delivery Management
  • Service Assurance
  • User Experience Management
  • Performance & Availability Management
  • Network & Service Optimization
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • Network Forensics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Virtualization Management
  • Optimization & Capacity Planning
  • Unified Communications
  • Field Service Troubleshooting

6Cyber Security Solutions.

  • Cyber adAPT
  • Cyber NetFalcon®
  • Cyber NetControl

7Big Data Filing and Analysis solutions.

8Network Design Planning & Traffic Engineering.

  • Route-Flow Fusion.
  • Route Analytics and netflow data.

9Next Generation Tapping infrastructure (10Gb/40Gb/100Gb).

  • Monitoring and Performance
  • Network Taps
  • Virtualization Tap
  • Indigo Pro
  • Director
  • iTap technology
  • Aggregator Taps
  • Regeneration Taps

10Enterprise Information Security.

11Advanced Threat Protection.

12SIEM Solutions.

13Data Classification.

14Vulnerability and Security Monitoring.

15Storage Protection and Availability.