Net Optics

Net Optics is the leading provider of Total Application and Network Visibility solutions that deliver real-time network intelligence for peak performance in network monitoring and security. For more than 16 years, Net Optics have developed comprehensive smart access hardware and software solutions to help customers:

Plan * Monitor * Troubleshoot * Secure * Scale * and Future-proof their networks.

As a result, businesses achieve the scalable end-to-end visibility to optimize network performance across the physical, virtual and private cloud environments, as well as remote branch offices.

Net Optics offers a full spectrum of high-performance, scalable and intelligent solutions for virtualization, 10/40/100G, and 4G/LTE. Net Optics customers trust Net Optics comprehensive plug-and-play family of application-aware NPM, Network Packet Broker, Virtual/Cloud and Visibility Management System (VMS) solutions to deliver immediate results and quick time to value through an easy-to-use interface.

Net Optics best-in-class technologies meet customer needs across virtualization, compliance, efficiency, security and availability, earning us industry acclaim and competitive advantage in the world’s most intensive markets. Major service providers, government agencies, healthcare institutions, transportation companies, financial enterprises and others trust Net Optics to keep them at the leading edge of productivity and profitability.  

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