Noctio is strongly focused on delivering leading edge technologies allowing to exert the needed surveillance in order to:

  1. Ensure legality;
  2. Protect from abuses and
  3. Guaranteeing National security.

Noctio’s solutions are well accepted in Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies, Telecom Carriers and, sometime, Large Corporates, entitled to implement lawful and respectful control and surveillance in cyber contexts.

Noctio business revolves around the following four practices:

  • Big Data Filing and Analysis solutions – where our ability to integrate proprietary Big Data platforms and libraries with state-of-the-art software and hardware components from the market allows Noctio to deliver maximum value solutions specifically tailored to the application and to customer’s needs.
  • LI·te – Lawful Interception solution, compact and cost-effective solutions for network operators of any size, covering Voice, Internet and VoIP domains;
  • System Integration and Software Development – allowing Noctio to provide turn-key surveillance and security solutions tailored on specific customers’ needs encompassing a wide range of technologies, from Noctio as well as from third parties;
  • Network Security Services – aimed to verify and enhance critical networks infrastructure security and to establish operating procedures aimed to defend the level of communication data security required by our customers.